Buying a Diamond Ring

What You Should Know Before Buying a Diamond Ring

The festive season is around the corner and what better time than this to pop the question. Apart from the many ways of approaching the subject and the love of your life, what should be foremost in your mind is the diamond ring that you have to carry with you. However, shopping for a diamond ring is not easy and there are many variables that need to be considered first before you take the plunge and buy one.

Here are a few tips you can check out to ensure that you get the best deal that your money can buy.

  • Check your finances – Who does not want to buy for his fiancé a large chunk of a stone but think, can you really afford it? Size up your finances carefully. Do not treat the purchase as an investment because you are unlikely to ever get returns from it. An expensive diamond ring gives back your money only if you care to sell it. Otherwise it is simply an ornamental piece around the fingers to be admired every day. However, if you can afford a big one, surely go for it – diamonds as they say are forever. Additionally, it is not necessary that you should buy a solitaire only since even a moderate sized one can set you back substantially. Instead weigh other options like a band covered with tiny diamonds that add up to about a carat. It will cost you considerably less than a single stone of equal weight.
  • Do your homework – Get to know the many intricacies of diamonds before buying one. It is all about the 4 C’s – colour, clarity, cut and carat which is the unit of weight. These are the aspects that determine the true value of a stone. The colour of a diamond varies from yellow to white or more specifically, colourless. The more colourless it is the more expensive it will be. Clarity is judged by the presence of internal flaws or nicks. Cut is the overall shape of the stone and its light refracting abilities. The higher priced ones will sparkle more. Carat is the weight of the diamond. As a generalised example, the usual engagement rings are usually a carat each. If you are not sure about these things do not hesitate to check this out with the experts.
  • Consider the shopping experience – The shopping experience is a crucial part of buying a diamond. You can opt for a high-end retailer like Tiffany & Co more for the brand name and the packaging than anything else. Or you can buy from one of the big names such as Australian Diamond Company and get high end excellent quality products though at a lower price point than the luxury stores. You can even decide to buy a diamond ring online from a reputed and dependable online diamond shopping platform with confidence, knowing that it is backed up by a major brand name.
  • Don’t get taken in by a fake – Since most people will not know how to distinguish a real stone from a fake, you should be overly careful on this score. It requires a great deal of experience and hands-on handling of diamonds to acquire a certain degree of expertise in this field. However, for the layman, here are two pointers. First is the weight. The heavier stones or cubic zircon are the “fake” diamonds generally used in costume jewellery. The next is the colour wherein a fake diamond will show a whole rainbow of refracted light. Both these factors of course are not easy to spot so buy your ring from a dependable and trustworthy store or online platform.

Buying a diamond is not an everyday routine. What should matter in the long run is the satisfaction level you achieve after you buy a diamond ring.