Laser Technology

Use of Laser Technology in Various Fields

No other scientific discovery of the 20th century has been demonstrated with so many exciting applications as the laser technology. The basic concept of the laser was given by an American scientist, Charles Hard Townes and two scientists namely Alexander Mikhailovich Prokhorov and Nikolai Gennediyevich Basov. They also got the Nobel Prize for this in 1964.

The laser is a powerful source of light having extraordinary properties which are not found in the normal light source. The unique property the lasers have is that the light source can travel very long distances with little divergence and due to this it is being used in various fields.

Let us discuss some of them below.

Uses of Laser in Medicine

The beam of a laser can be focused to a microscopic dot of extremely high energy density. This makes it ideal for fine cutting and depth control which is essential for surgeries. Lasers are used photocoagulation of the retina to halt retinal haemorrhage and track retinal tears. Laser surgery makes use of transformation of radiation into heat within the tissues, performing both incision and coagulation. However, with further advanced in the laser technology and new types of laser devices, the laser has gradually entered many new branches of medicine such as dermatology, cardiovascular surgery, urology, gynaecology, dentistry, oncology, gastroenterology, orthopaedics and neurosurgery.

Uses of Laser in Beauty

Light-based devices include lasers and intense pulsed light systems have been used for years in the treatment of cutaneous vascular and pigmented lesions, yet only recently it appeared in cosmetic applications. With the advancement in technology and low-cost laser devices available, the use for it in beauty industry has grown tremendously and many beauty salons and spas in Australia and elsewhere have introduced them in their practice to offer treatments such as laser hair removal in Melbourne, removal of unwanted tattoos, acne scars, ageing skin problems, scars, spider veins, pucker marks and frown lines, laser resurfacing in Melbourne, skin tightening and many more treatments.

Uses of Laser in Entertainment

Scientists have found many uses of lasers for cutting, drilling, welding, measuring, communication, solving a crime and perform delicate surgeries. Yet lasers have also proved their usefulness in non-practical applications, especially in the field of art and entertainment. Laser shows are quite popular and the special effects the laser creates are amazing. Lasers are used to create images, patterns and designs in laser shows and at music festivals. Also, DVD players and Blue Ray players make use of leasers to read information off disks.  Lasers are also used to create holography, a special type of photography that creates three-dimensional pictures.

The above-mentioned are some of the fields where lasers are used.